Bonus Download - Click Here


  • Please click the download button above in order to download your bonus templates. Once downloaded you will need to right click and select extract all.
  • If you have Optimize press 2.0 open your site (with OP2 installed). Go to page builder and produce 2 pages. One for the bonus template and another for the bonus download. Then on the left hand side (Page builder light-box) select ‘Content Templates’ and install the relevant template.
  • Make the relevant edits to reflect the product you are promoting and your link and save.

Don’t have Optimize press 2.0: Click Here 


I’ve converted the OP2 templates into HTML for anyone who doesn’t have Optimize press 2.0 or want to get it.

You will need a web editor such as Kompozer which is Free (Google Kompozer and download).


  • Open your editor
  • Click ‘Open File’
  • Select the Template (HTML)
  • Edit test and links
  • Save
  • Now go back to the folder on your desktop where the extracted template files are.
  • Make a new Zip file and name it whatever you like
  • Copy both HTML folders into the zip
  • Upload the zip to your host & then extract on your server (host)
  • Look for the two HTML pages – These will be your bonus page and your bonus download page.
  • Send traffic to the bonus page and plug the bonus download page into W+ or JVzoo
  • Bonus products (which you offer your customers are already linked so they can be downloaded.