What you should know about FB Lander before making a decision either way

FB Lander Is Not for Everyone... Sorry

I’ll keep this really short and to the point:

FB Lander is not going to be for everyone, let’s be really honest; some people just hate Facebook and everything about it.

And regardless of how good a particular Facebook product is or how much the vendor has proven he or she made with his or her FB product – If you don’t like FB then this really isn’t for you!!

Still here?

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What is FB Lander & How does it make you money?


In simple words, FBLANDER allows you to run & promote UNLIMITED number of PRODUCTS (T-shirts, CPA Offers, Kindle Books, or any affiliate offer where there are more than 1 product) on a single HIGH CONVERTING PAGE

Let me explain:

Right now I am working on a site (this is for real by the way) based on Cellulite removal / reduction products (Yep, I’m still a niche marketer). For anyone interested you can see it here: http://howtogetridofcellulite-fast.com/

There are a ton of product in this niche which means that if I wanted to run ads to promote each of them on Facebook it would cost me quite a bit to get started – But if I ran just 1 Facebook advert that linked to a page with say my top 10 products then the advertising costs are going to stay low but the chance of making a sale will increase.

FB lander is basically a plugin which allows you to do the things I just mentioned, but I’m selling it short, you can actually do a whole lot more with it....


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If you know me then you probably know that I’m a niche marketer and not a Facebook marketer… nothing has changed there. But the principle and idea behind FB Lander is something I am already using in my niche business to showcase several products at once.

This tool will allow me to take the process over to Facebook and advertise at a fraction of what I would normally have to pay

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