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I have had CIU on and off for over 6 years. Thought I had tried every way to get rid of hives, including low histamine diets & specialy prepaired supplements (online). Your book certainly offers a different approach which has helped so far. I can’t say if this has cured my hives but I haven’t had an outbreak since using your info.

Thank You

Vinay Sahu

I would simply like to say that although Paulette’s urticaria treatment may seem unorthodox at first, her method has worked 100% for me. I am 46 now and have suffered with many types of urticaria since I was seventeen. This isn’t a quick fix and you do need to stick to the protocol for it to work, but work it does!

Thank you so much

Libby Smith


This is my review. I have also suffered with Chronic Urticaria and Angioedema. I have had it for about 2 years. I get it most days like you did. When I have chronic urticaria it usually starts as small bumps or wheals. sometimes wheals swell and turn into angioedema.

What I tried;

I have taken anti-histamine (3 times a day) every day for over a year to stop the chronic urticaria, but it doesn’t always work as I think I might have used them for too long. I also try elimination diet, but this is hard to do. Doctor gave me steroids which were good but I can’t stay on them as I think this is dangerous.

So I got your book and have been using the treatment for 6 weeks. I was hoping that my chronic urticaria would stop like yours did in 3 weeks but mine took longer. It is easy to do but might take longer than 3 weeks, mine was better after 5 weeks. No wheals in last 8 days so very good.

Siobhan Gana

Here’s my feedback for the urticaria treatment you sent me.

OK, where do I start. Here’s what I thought I was allergic to, I have been working on this list for months through elimination.

Aspirin, Food colourings, Saccharin, Alcohol, Soft drinks, Milk, Hair sprays, Perfumed Soaps and Shampoos, Red wine, Perfume, Frozen food (pre-packed meal/ tv dinner)

Thanks to your advice it looks like I might have wasted a lot of time as after following your instructions over the last few weeks seems to have helped clear up my urticaria, so much so that I can even drink milk without getting any hives.

I’d recommend this to anyone with hives, far easier than trying to work out everything I need to avoid.


Ross Greene

Followed your hives remedy.. Its really magic .. problem solved in days after years of suffering with chronic hives. Such a simple solution .. I am really impressed with the vastness of knowledge you have on hives .. Thanks a million

My name is Geroge, I’m 46 and from the UK. urticaria has been a real problem for me since I was 11. I’ve had allergy tests carried out to see what I was allergic to, but with no conclusive answer. After reading your book it’s now obvious why the urticaria treatments haven’t helped. I for one believe your views on what CIU is, it makes perfect sense, so I decided to give your method a go.

Here’s the results so far:

After 2 days, my symptoms have eased, It’s too early to tell if this hives treatment will continue to work, but it’s certainly worth trying.

Thanks again


Hi Paulette

I don’t normally post on blogs of forums but I told myself that I would make an exception if I ever found anything that stopped my urticaria.

I was diagnosed with chronic urticaria 6 month ago, my doctor said that it was possibly because of hormonal changes due to my age and that it would probably clear up in a couple of months but it didn’t. After a second opinion I discovered that CIU often continues for years.

I’ve read quite a bit about urticaria and tried a few urticaria treatments including acupuncture, elimination diets and prescribed meds. I downloaded your book out of curiosity & to be honest I didn’t really expect much, but I’m pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised by your protocol.

I have been using your method for a few weeks now and it does seem to work very well for me, this is the longest hive free period I have enjoyed for months. I hope others achieve the same results as I have with this treatment.

Thank you so much.


Jane Sailor

Hi Paulette

This is Meghana again. I got your download on the 5th Oct, and started using it straight away. I am currently 7 days into the hives treatment and things couldn’t be better. Not only is my urticaria much better but I feel better too. This is working for me so far and I intend to keep going. I will keep you posted.


Hi Paulette

It was great to find out that I wasn’t the only one who spent day after day covered with urticaria. Up until a few weeks ago I have had urticaria for 8 months and taking a/h at least twice a day for almost the entire time.

My partner found your site and bought me your book. I wasn’t sure if your info would work but as it seemed easy I decided to try & it really is helping.

I feel I owe you a big thank you for putting this together. Hope it continues to help


Lin Ashton

I have had a problem with hives so I was pleased to learn what I did after reading your book. I did try your methods and there is already an improvement. Thanks for putting your knowledge out there and helping other sufferers.

Thank you for letting us hive sufferers know about this remedy. It has been a life saver for me. Having hives on a continuous basis is a miserable experience and I am glad to have found something that really treats it. Thank you!

I have suffered from hives since I have a child. I want to send my gratitude to you because your remedy has been extremely helpful to me. I finally found a great treatment and have passed this info onto other sufferers I know.

Thanks to you my chronic hives have gone. I am amazed although I shouldn’t be as it’s all quite obvious now that I read your PDF. I think your book has been a real wake up call for me. For the first time in about nine years I don’t need to worry about what I eat or worry about the next outbreak. It’s like having a heavy weight lifted off my shoulders which I bet helps too.

A real life saver


All I can say is wow. My daughter has suffered with chronic hives for years and after I got her to use this remedy, she is already much better. Thank you! A blessing.

Hi Paulette, I have been following your protocol for six weeks and although have had a few small flare ups, my hives and angioderma are so much better. All the antihistamines I was taking were making it worse. I would strongly recommend this method to anyone. Thank you.


After three days I was feeling much better, the stinging went away. But this is April 29, 2013. And I can finally say that I actually have started to eat some foods that I could not. I still have some itching, but am not having to take the anti-histamines any more. I still watch what I eat and am not back to regular diet. I did add probiotics to the protocal. And it seems that these together, I actually feel almost normal again. I can finally see that there will be a time that I might be able to eat an almost normal diet again.

Hi there, I have had hives my whole life off & on. I think it started when I was 8-10 and I am now 64. I will go for years without any break out and then big time problem. One time when I was in my 20′s I had them in my troat and wound up in the er. Dr said oh my I have never seen such a case before. I told him to fix me.

I found your artical on the computer and thought I would give it a try. I was getting large hives for about a month or so before I started your program. I am on day 42 and have NONE. I still have a pickly feeling late in the afternoon. Dose anyone else have that. I did have a hard time getting the **** down so I put honey in it. Works for me

I will tell others about this.

I am so thankful for this book. After 15 years of dealing with urticaria desperation led me to it. Started the protocol April 24, 2013 & within 5 days of **** **** and being ***** **** there was a huge improvement. No more urticaria outbreaks for me except about 3 weeks ago I drank a beer (hops) and within 1 hour I was itching along with a few hives.

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