"You can have anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want." ~Zig Ziglar

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Do you have what it takes?

Over the past couple of weeks you may have received a number of slightly cryptic emails from me which amounted to this one question:

Would you spend your time and possibly money helping someone else succeed if you knew you would be guaranteed success in return’

I received email after email from confused subscribers, when I posted the same question on forums; people analysed the hell out of it. Most distrusting (understandable I guess) and many stating that a guarantee of success couldn't be guaranteed.

And while there is no real guarantee of success there is a way of tipping the scales heavily in ones favour and believe it or not it happens all of the time in our business (Internet marketing) to a certain degree.

What am I talking about?

Circles (that’s what I call them anyway)

Here’s an example: My Circle

For those of you who know me or something about me, you’ll know that as well as my old full time job as a plumber here in the UK I built up quite a successful niche business in my spare time – ultimately leading to me detailing my whole business model which you know as Niche Synergy.

Niche Synergy was and still is (even if I say so myself) a solid business model and above all a fantastic product which sold very well. However the reason it sold very well was not because it was a great product, it wasn’t anything to do with the undeniable proof of earnings either.

The reason Niche Synergy was successful was simply down to a circle… a circle of JV partners who promoted Niche Synergy. Today I have my own circle, people who trust me, like my products and promote them (providing they are good of course) & I will do the same for them.

It’s beautifully simple and effective

My circle grows with each product I promote (not just my own product launch’s), each time a member of my circle launches a product most of the other members in the circle promote it, leading to more sales, a larger list and better recognition within the industry.


With greater recognition comes a larger circle and so the process continues and grows.

But there is a problem

Most of these circles (as I call them) are difficult to break in to, you don’t have a list, you've never been on a leaderboard, nobody knows who you are, why should they let you in, why would they work with you… what could you possibly do for them?

I wasn’t a member of one of those circles before I launched Niche Synergy, but I am today. I did it by partnering with Radu; who had the skills I didn’t and; was part of an expanding circle… and the rest is history.

So what does any of this have to do with the emails & the cryptic messages?


The Very First Inner Circle Alliance: founding Members

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be putting together the very first Inner Circle Alliance; a closed community of 12 members, plus me (13). The 12 members I pick will work with me and the rest of the group to achieve success for every member (& I do mean everyone).

Is this just another lame coaching program?

No… this is the real deal, if you fit the bill and I choose you as one of the first 12 founding members you will be part of the circle going forward (providing you pull your weight of course), Inner Circle Alliance will be ongoing, but that’s just the start.

  • We will work with each other to brainstorm
  • We will work with each other to build seed lists
  • We will work with each other to develop products (good products)
  • We will work together to build recognition, profits, circles
  • I will partner with you on your launch
  • We will all support each other’s product launch as JV partners and in any other way required
  • The whole group will share skills, resources, time & possibly money on each other’s projects.
  • I will share my resources, my circle, my time and anything else required (within reason) to make each members project a success.

How do you know that I’ll commit to this – Simple I have a vested interest… we all do.


Inner Circle Alliance is a project I intend to continue; it’s ongoing, so you will always be a member of the circle. And as a founding member you get to partner with me if and when I decide to rollout new circles.

Is Inner Circle Alliance for you?

Let me be completely honest with you; unless you are committed to being a success please close this page now.

What am I looking for?

I am looking for highly motivated individuals who will do what I ask, in the time frame I specify (within reason)


  • You’ll be accountable
  • You’ll be under pressure
  • Other members’ success will depend on you
  • You’ll do what I ask
  • You’ll work tirelessly to help other members


I’m not looking for a certain skill set, but you really should have a grasp of the basics. If you have just come online, know nothing and expect to make it in a week – this is not for you.

If you are down to your last $30 this is not for you.

Is Inner Circle Alliance for you?

If becoming part of The Inner Circle Alliance is the only thing you can think of right now fill in your details (don’t worry; you’ll never receive a promo from me through this list)

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