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[PBCM: Case Study] Day 4 Video – 41.74% ROI

Hey this is Mark

I’m guessing you may have seen one or more of the case study videos I’ve sent you over the last few days relating to PBCM?


Not to worry… I’ve stitched all four together into a 7 minute video for you which you can watch above.

About the video:

In order to test this method out I invested $100 in this system. $10 into their subscription leval and $90 into something called ‘AdShares’. Adshares are really what PBCM is about and so I purchased 30 of the lowest value ($3 each).

By day 2 there was 6% ROI on my investment

Day 3: 31.73% Increase

And today: 41.74% ROI

Let me clarify… On the 12th Nov I invested $90 in AdShares – Today the value of those 30 AdShares has increased to $127.58 (41.74% ROI)

What did I have to do to increase my ROI?

Well it really does amount to a few clicks and about 2 minutes of time.

Please Note: This system is not internet marketing or niche marketing and it is unlike anything else I have ever mentioned. But it has worked for me as the video clearly shows.

How I perceive this model

Tiered Revenue Sharing pretty much sums it up… Take a look at the video and see if it’s for you – it won’t be for everyone.

Will I continue to do this?

100% yes. Whether you like this kind of investment model or not it has worked. My AdShares expire today, In another 3 to 4 days I’ll be at around 100% ROI, at this point all investments are from profit and all increases are 100% profit…and it takes 2 minutes – why wouldn’t I continue?

Anyway: love it or hate it… take a look at the 4 day case study video above.

If you decide to give it a try make sure you also grab access to my bonus video… (You will find access inside JVZoo when you buy through my link)

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