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So, What is Pixel Studio FX?

The Product

Pixel Studio FX is a drag and drop, easy to use, state-of-the art graphic design tool that creates beautiful, unique and professional e-covers for your digital products in minutes. With hundreds of ready made templates, gone are the days of spending weeks and a fortune to have covers created.

Pixel Studio FX eliminates costly software, add-ons, action scripts, rip off graphic designers and the inevitable hassle of sourcing top quality designs and buying overpriced stock to design half-decent covers. With Pixel Studio FX all your cover design needs are materialized in an easy to use web-based platform, and is light years ahead of any competition.

Get Your Complete Pixel Studio FX Suite On Monday 21st September 2015!


A complete training program and job searching tool required by any individual looking to make an earning online with the power of Pixel Studio FX designs and utilities.


Unlock the full potential of Pixel Studio FX with this powerful add-on that enables photo presets, image actions, larger storage capacity, 20 new models and 400 additional themes.


Create stunning product bundles and state-of-the-art group shots with 40 pre-loaded templates along with a free-style workspace to add your e-covers and create unique designs.


Run your own online graphic design business with this Agency Website, tailor-made and unique to every individual. Professional website with products showcase to get you up and running today.


The complete training program with fully interactive video training modules to help you breeze through the entire Pixel Studio FX Suite. Learn something new; for newbies and pros alike!

  • Award Winning Designs & Models
  • Professional Quality e-Covers
  • Easy To Use & Minimal Training
  • Seamless Drag & Drop User Experience
  • Low Cost & Cheapest Design Solution
  • Full Support & Future Updates
Get Pixel Studio FXPixel Studio FX + COLOSSAL BONUS on Monday September 21st

Our Take On Pixel Studio FX

Countless case studies have shown that the right eCover or product packaging can make or break your sales.

But if you’ve ever tried to create eCovers, Amazon book covers, or just about any type of product packaging, then you’ll be familiar with the frustrations and costs involved.

From wrestling with complicated (and expensive) design tools that have way more features than you need to get the job done, to hacking a PLR graphics bundle, creating a cover for your product can be tricky.

Outsourcing is a sensible option if you’re busy and don’t have the right tools or skills, but it can get costly, particularly if you’re creating products on a regular basis.

Outsourcing also brings its own plethora of issues too. Writing up design briefs. Posting projects on multiple job boards. Selecting, interviewing and hiring the right designer. Back and forth with designers. It’s not as “hands-free” as you first hoped.

Which is why there’s a huge opening in the market for a reliable, simple tool that does nothing but create awesome cover designs.

A tool that doesn’t cost a fortune and try to blow you away with endless features you’ll never use.

A tool that does one job – create awesome eCovers – and does it better, faster and cheaper than doing it yourself or outsourcing to others.

Until now, there have been a handful of half decent eCover designers on the market. They seem to come and go, and the ones that still exist always seem to create sub-par, outdated designs that look like they’ve travelled in time from the 90’s.

What’s really been missing, is a dedicated eCover design tool that actually creates designs you’d be proud to put your name on, and actually put on the “shelf” for sale.

And that’s why a brand new tool called Pixel Studio FX caught my eye, and lured me in for a closer look.

Pixel Studio FX is a dedicated eCover design tool that allows you to design pretty much any type of product package at the push of a button, completely customizable to give you a fresh, unique design.

Pixel Studio FX BONUSES

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Bonus #1

The Theme Extension Gallery comes packed with 50 bonus theme templates for Pixel Studio FX. These templates are expertly crafted to cover a wide variety of niches. These bonus templates can also be applied across all existing cover models, making them a must-have for your PSFX Library.

Bonus #2

The Stock Photo Studio activates your Pixel Studio FX Library of over 8000 high resolution stock images and photographs selected from a wide range of artists, covering multiple niches and industries to give you the most expansive and unique variety bundles with your Pixel Studio FX Application.

Bonus #3

The Ultimate Icons Pack comes packed with 6000+ bonus web icons from a wide variety of niches for use with Pixel Studio FX. The icons are png vectors which will allow the use of colour actions in the application to completely customise each icon to your liking. These icons are designed by top rated designers from across the globe.

Bonus #4

The Pixel Profits Webinar is a carefully constructed information session developed to teach all Pixel Studio FX users on how to make the most of the application by monetizing results. Viewers will be taught first-hand by Adeel Chowdhry and Ali Chowdhry on how to utilize the power of Pixel Studio FX and start their own online design agency.

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