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More Templates | Developers rights | More Audio | Whitelabel Templates

VidioDek PROLite edition...

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More Templates | Developers rights | More Audio | Whitelabel Templates

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VidioDek PROLite edition...

We’ll load your account with all these goodies at a fraction of our post launch prices right Now… Look

Perhaps you don’t need our live interactive workshops… and maybe you’re not ready for our limitless video production option just yet.

Or maybe you just want to test the waters and see how it goes…

We totally get that and respect you decision

But we just can’t let you go without offering to load your account up with all these goodies at a fraction of our post launch prices

How Lite Is PROLite

We want you to blow the lid off anything you've tried before… we want to see you maximise your potential… and we want to hear your success story.

So.. even though this package might be called VidioDek PROLite, don’t expect us to scrimp on the quality and quantity.

Join us today and we’ll add the following to your account straight away...


  • Developers Rights
  • 20 Additional Templates
  • Whitelable Template rights
  • 10 additional background audios
  • Plus: any additions and updates we make to VidioDek from now on!

ProLite Edition... Special Offer

10 Brand New Background Audios


Stand out from the crowd… and make your videos that little bit different to everyone else's… There are 10 Brand New backing Audio's waiting in your PRO Lite Account right now.

… And we’ll continue to add them every month…

Developers Rights...

  • With our developers rights you really can start making money today…
  • Pro users get developers rights – and that opens up untold opportunities.
  • Produce videos in seconds for online businesses
  • Produce videos for Niche websites
  • Produce videos for Bloggers
  • Produce videos for offline businesses
  • Run Fiverr Gigs offering text to video

Along with Developers rights you also get Whitelable to our temple collection so you can use them in any videos you sell to a third party.


Here's what you get Today... When you upgrade to VidioDek PROLite

  • Developers rights: Sell VidioDek videos to clients or as a service ($197)

  • Whitelabel: Templates & Audio - use in videos you sell or produce for others ($97)

  • Plus: any additions and updates we make to VidioDek from now on!

  • 10 Brand New License Free Background Audio's Every Month ($27p/m)

  • 10 additional Pro templates added every month ($27p/m)

Additional Value...

To recap: You’re getting $348 worth of additional value with our PRO Lite option.

But just like VidioDek PRO we don't want you to pay that... Not Today:

You've probably noticed how affordable every aspect of VidioDek is right now… its priced this way for just one reason: This is a brand new product which we want everyone to be aware of.

You see we have huge plans for our platform over the coming months and we'd love you to be part of them… nope we’re not going anywhere. VidioDek is soon to be released into the Big Wide World…

We’ll be adding to and developing our software as we go, and when you jump in today.. well, you benefit from everything we do in the future.

The offer we’re making on this page… right here and now will last for exactly 3 Days… after that: The Price Goes UP.

This is a one-time opportunity, don’t let it slip past you; jump on board and upgrade today!

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Please Note: This is a monthly subscription which you may cancel at any point. New templates and audio will be added to your account every month for as long as you remain a subscriber. While you remain a member you will be billed the amount you see on the buy button once per month. If you chose to cancel at any time in the future all previous months additions will still be accessible.