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Making Money in Hours With Very Little Work IS Possible!

Even better… It’s a reality… and you won’t even need a product, list, domains, website... or experience to do it!

Let me explain… Product Jacking is a tried and tested solution to passive income… marketers have been using this strategy to skim off easy profits for years – But we've taken it to extreme levels – We've ‘Supercharged It’ and I’ll explain how in just a minute…


-- $1,493.66 through a brand new account in 5 days --

YOU CAN NOW MAKE $100s a day from someone else’s product… and it’s all totally legal

You want to make as much money as possible for tiniest amount of work in the shortest period right?... There’s nothing wrong with that & believe me, you’re not alone.

Well let me tell you; you're in the right place!

A Complete ‘Drop Dead’ Simple Formula Coupled with the Latest Cutting Edge Automation Protocol

Product jacking is a tried and tested formula for making money, even when it’s done the old way…

And those in the know are already cashing in big time for very little work, heck, some of those guys have been doing it for years… but you probably already knew that… maybe you’re even doing it yourself?

And I'm sure you also know that Video is an extremely powerful tool (& growing more so by the day). It engages. It converts & It profits.


So when you combine our Product jacking formula with Video and then add on our brand new cutting edge app which puts your links right in front of thousands of pre-sold buyers at the most opportunist point, and all on complete autopilot…

Well; then you have an Explosive Solution

No Websites, Domains, Hosting, Experience or Cost Involved!

Welcome to the VidioJack Revolution - a brand new approach to super-fast passive income ethically derived from other people’s products and hard work.

That’s right… you don’t need a product – or a list, you won’t even need domains or websites….

Product Jacking has Changed & Now it’s Easier than Ever!

So Easy - Even a Complete Novice Can Make a Profit by this time Tomorrow… 

We've developed a cloud based app specifically to give you and me an unfair advantage when it comes to skimming profits off of trending and evergreen products…

Forget the Usual Headache…

VidioJack is an all in one solution to simple and achievable income as soon as tomorrow.

Easy as 1. 2. 3.

Automated Cloud Based Profit System in a Box

Cloud-Based App

VidioJack puts your links in front of buyers at the point of purchase on complete autopilot.

Step by Step Formula

Now anyone can produce super-fast passive income streams in hours – Without Cost – Work - Knowhow

YouTube Trigger App

YouTube Integrations auto-triggers our seamless and hands off high DA linking structure sending you straight to the top!

Simple & Newbie Friendly

Forget complicated systems and tricky software. We’ve made product jacking ‘Childs Play!

The Ultimate ‘No Product’ passive Income Solution

It’s here and it’s different…

Let me ask you….

  • How many times have you purchased a course and then found out that you either have to spend days applying the system or fork out another fist full of cash for additional tools to make the process viable?
  • And how many times have you snapped up the latest, coolest piece of software only to find yourself wondering what the hell you’re supposed to do with it?

…VidioJack is different, you see we’re marketers too, we really do this stuff.

Success Story after Success Story...

Successful marketers have been doing a lot of what we’re about to reveal to you, manually for years… and making a whole lot of money in the process from all kinds of products.

You might think you already have Product jacking nailed down… but let me tell you – you’re probably wrong, because only a very small number of people are doing what we’re doing, the way we do it right now… & we're the only ones who have access to the VidioJack Software!

A Seamless, Complete and Automated Cloud Based Profit System in a Box – Take a Look…

  • Inspired Step by Step Training
  • Product orientated domination on autopilot
  • Evergreen and trending product focus
  • Clickable Launch List
  • Integrated Reporting & Tracking

But that’s just the start… LOOK:

  • Colour coded competition signalling
  • Auto Triggered tier 1 high DA backlink structure build
  • Auto Tier 2 link structure builder
  • Content Scrape, Post & Ping

New account case study - $81 in Hours

We know you are tired of seeing huge sums of money based on what we can do with existing accounts. So we did this case study from a new one to show you that anyone can make a profit inside 24 hours with VidioJack... And that video… it’s still on page 1 and still making money.

Passive Income Streams – Set up: 1 Hour… See a Profit: In 24 hours or less!…

Hey Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana & Andrew Naser here...

Hi and welcome to VidioJack… My Name is Mark Bishop and together with Venkata & Andrew we’d like to invite you to spend the next 5 minutes with us…

If you can spare just 5 minutes of your time - we’ll show you a truly inspired twist and completely ethical way of churning out trending and evergreen passive income streams one after another on complete autopilot… Without a list, product, website, effort, money or anything else.

And believe me you have never seen this before...

But – before I get carried away

Let me ask you a question…

If you had to guess:

  • What do you think the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to make a passive income is right now?

Answer: The answer may surprise you…

It’s ‘Referral Marketing’ (affiliate marketing)… truth is; it never changed!

Referral or Affiliate marketing continues to be the #1 money spinner online because it is simple, requires very little work and is very profitable.

Referral marketing is still very much where the money is… everyone is doing it & I do mean everyone… LOOK

Oh.... And just about every other website you can think of...

But the difference between you, me and those guys is Money

It takes a bus load of cash to do what those guys do – and time… Oh, and a lot of work!

  • Do you have a load of cash to pour into your online business?
  • Do you have the time, inclination and sheer determination to learn this and that, and to test one thing and then another?
  • Can you really be bothered to build site after site after site?
  • Do you mentally shut down when someone says Keyword research?

That’s what it normally takes just to get started… plus of course, there’s the technical aspect like hosting, DNS, Linking and all of that other mind numbingly tedious stuff…

But you can forget that!

I’ve been there & believe me its hard work

Does this Sound Like YOU?

...You Want Money Tomorrow - Not Next Month!

  • If you’re anything like me you’ll want to see a profit this week – Not Next Month!
  • And you’ll also want to know with complete certainty that you can scale your income projects fast for greater profits…

Product Jacking, when applied correctly; is a sure fire system that people like you and me can and do use every day to build out as many income strings as we like in minutes

It works...

But only when you do it like this:

Number #1: You have to promote products… Not niches or areas of interest, surrounding products but the product itself, hence product jacking.


Trending products, product Launches, products surrounded by huge buzz, Evergreen products…

But; and here’s the difference – you must only do it at the most opportunist point, at the point when a person is ready to leap in and buy…

Get this wrong and you are literally clutching at straws and hoping for the best.

And if that’s what you are doing right now; then you don’t have a business!


Number #2: Websites – Forget that… We don’t use loads of websites… not any more.

Nope, we’ve dumped that idea; its hard work, time consuming and costly… if you’re still building website after website you are wasting time!


So how do we do it?
Simple - We use videos to jack products for instant commissions

But that’s not the entire story; we do have a trick or two up our sleeves… an unfair advantage if you like… which I’ll explain;

But first…

Since we’re about to reveal our very own Video Product jacking formula, I need to ask...

“Do you know how to evaluate a high value business model when it comes your way?”

In my view it must tick these four boxes…

  • Simple to understand and implement – Even for complete newbies
  • Fast. You need to money fast… Even better; you want to see a profit this week – Not in a months’ time!
  • Systemizable. I.e. do this – do that – Press 2 buttons and walk away knowing you will produce yet more passive income… the more automation a system has the less work you’ll need to do. Remember: it’s no good if you need to have your nose to the grindstone 24/7… that isn’t a passive income – it’s a JOB!
  • Scalable. Will that business model which makes you $500/month easily scale up to $10,000/month?

I strongly suggest you don’t even look at an income system which doesn't tick all four…

Simple – Easy & Highly Profitable

Plus this is suitable for everyone… so much so that even a complete novice can do it and be successful in hours.

Complete Formula and Automation System

VidioJack is the first complete formula and automation system to rock the product jacking world.

We've taken 3 highly effective and proven systems and combined them to make product jacking an absolute gold mine for absolutely anyone!


The Ultimate Video Product Jacking Solution

Turn Other Peoples Products into Instant Profit Whenever You Like – In Minutes!

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Here’s a look at what you can do with VidioJack:

  • Choose a Product to Profit from

Video Product jacking In Minutes!

With our simple but highly effective formula along with our cutting edge cloud based app you can start building passive income projects in minutes.

And You WON’T Need

  • Websites: Unlike nearly every other strategy out there you won’t need a ton of websites or a mountain of domains.
  • You won’t need to chain yourself to your computer to make this work – Anyone can grasp this simple 3 point formula and apply our strategy and software in minutes!
  • And you won’t need to sell one of your kidneys to finance this either… remember; we focus on using other peoples products and popularity to syphon off more and more profit.

Is This For You?

Do you want to see passive income hitting your account this week?

We’re 100% sure VidioJack is going to put a smile on everyone’s face and money in their account too, but take a look at this check list… does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have No Product and not the faintest idea what to sell
  • You have No Marketing Skills
  • You’re not the slightest bit interested in eComerce, Shopify and all that other stuff
  • You have limited time – perhaps you still have a day job or family commitments
  • You don’t have thousands lying around to start a business
  • You want money NOW… Not in 3 months’ time!

Don’t worry… seriously – most of us start off with little to no idea how to do any of that profitable stuff online.

But the simplicity of VidioJack means:

You can see your first commission payment by this time tomorrow.

Quick & profitable capitalization of other people’s products is literally minutes away which means there is no need to come up with your own…

You’ll know which products to target for Easy Profit straight away from right inside our software dash

Can you scale?

You Bet: there are multiple products trending and hitting the market everyday – Along with thousands of buyers just queuing up ready to buy

VidioJack fills the gap between product and buyer – Putting you where the money really is!

Too Easy!

Think about it… these products are already out there (or they are about to be)… somebody else did the hard work - all you have to do is follow our direction and use our automated video jacking software.

There really is nothing stopping you from pumping out project after project which makes scaling your online income into big numbers finally achievable.

And the real beauty of our formula is; It’s all derived from other peoples products.

The Ultimate Video Product Jacking Formula & Cloud Based Automation Technology…

The first all in one solution – Stop guessing and hoping… Look – Here’s why anyone can do and should be doing this…

VidioJack App (our Cloud Based Software):

Puts you in complete control of the entire process immediately… Our built in competition checker and rank suggestion feature enables you to schedule and pick a launches to focus on without needing to leave our cloud based app

Fully Integrating with the leading product launch and scheduling platform so you can find as many new and profitable products to promote as you like in the blink of an eye

Rank tracker feature

Tracks your projects in Google AND YouTube.

Intuitive project reporting

Reports for all of your projects so you can keep track.

Simple 'all in one' Passive Income Solution

Just Copy our Simple Step by Step formula and let VidioJack do the rest… Then sit back and Watch the commissions Roll In...

VidioJack really is a simple all in one click friendly solution to hijacking passive income.

Built from the ground-up specifically to make you and I as much money as possible without the headache of setting up websites and hosting, and without the tedious keyword research, competition analysis and backlinking you would normally need to master.

Video Product Jacking is Easy and Profitable with VidioJack… it’s a Fact:

Fast, Free, Autopilot Income From Other Peoples Products…

By Now, I’m Sure You Realize That VidioJack is Exactly What You Need For Fast, Passive, Autopilot Income...

I don’t like things complicated, and I'm sure you feel the same way.


  • Isn’t it about time you started actually making money instead of spending it?
  • Aren’t you tired of following long winded strategies which might not produce a single penny?
  • Or spending months trying to rank your sites with no guarantee
  • Would you like a simple, effective all in one formula you could whip into shape inside a couple of hours which can make you money by tomorrow?

How Much can YOU Make?

You can even make a killing with LOW PRICED Products... Let’s also assume that you target a low price product and you’ll make $12 when someone purchases the initial product and another $15 for any additional products that are up-sold to the buyer (Don’t worry we will explain all of this in the members area)

Depending on the popularity of the product you can expect around 100 – 450 visitors during the first 3 day window and based on the very low prices stated above you should make an easy $189 with just 1 video.

Now I've been very conservative with the numbers here – just to give you a clear indication of where you’re likely to start off… but that’s just 1 video, for 1 phrase & for 1 product.

Now multiply that figure by 3 phrases for 3 products and the income starts to pile up fast

Let’s do the Maths

  • 3 Products x 3 Phrases = 9
  • 9 x $189 = $1701 (In 3 days) That’s $567 per day or $17,010 per month…

But hey; let’s not get carried away here, even if you only use VidioJack once a week for just 1 phrase that’s still an extra $792 every month for less than an hour’s work!

Can you spare 1 hour to make an extra $792?

Receive Your First Commission Payments – This Time Tomorrow…

What if you could see your first commission roll into your account by this time tomorrow & then they just continue to flood into your account, day in day out… how good would that feel?

Now think what you can achieve if you apply yourself to this one simple formula for 1 hour a week, or 2 hours or 10

$1000’s a Week In passive income without a product, list, website or any of that other time consuming and expensive stuff.

And today you have the chance to do it too, to actually start making money instead of just dreaming about it. And you can be up and running as early as tomorrow.

Are you ready to do something really easy and profitable?

Would you like to see inside VidioJack, & take a look at some results?

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VidioJack is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen or Used Before…

There’s No learning curve either… Sure we built something groundbreaking and feature rich but we didn't want something complicated… Who wants complicated?

It was a tall order getting this right but we wanted Fast… Easy… and Effective and we got it!

Let’s REVIEW - here’s what you get today

  • Immediate Access to our Full Video Product Jacking Formula: $97
  • Access to our VidioJack Cloud based platform (Lifetime): $67
  • VidioJack: 'Traffic Light' Signal competition analysis: $37
  • YouTube Trigger Integration [Automation protocol]: $37
  • Direct Link - Clickable Launch List: $37
  • 2 Tier automated rank and ping structure: $97
  • Reporting, Tracking & Scheduling Features: $37
  • And Much, Much More...
  • Total value you get today: $409

You CAN Make Money by Tomorrow... If You Start NOW

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Easy ‘1. 2. 3. Click’ Profit Automation

VidioJack works seamlessly… and we've made it so easy to use that you just CAN'T fail.

Awesome, EASY & Fast Video Product Jacking is finally here!

And it works – LOOK

It's SIMPLE...

VidioJack works seamlessly… and we've made it so easy to use that you just CAN'T fail.

Awesome, EASY & Fast Video Product jacking is finally here!

Can you afford NOT to use this one of a kind tool?

It’s Your Choice… What Will Happen If You Don’t Try VidioJack?

Nothing at all…

You’ll go back to whatever you were doing before; struggling with video marketing, or with whatever else you chose, becoming disillusioned and annoyed with the lack of results and the tedious work and cost… and you might just get lucky…. But then again; you might not

If you don’t try VidioJack…

You’ll be missing out on a truly unique and complete video product jacking solution. A solution built on a formula that puts you ahead of the competition in hours… (the formula we use).

Your Situation…

Look, I’ve been in your current situation...

If I’d been offered access to something like this when I was struggling, I’d have jumped at the chance, and I would have seen results much faster.

Remember… this is Easy and requires No Experience, Cost and Very Little Effort – You can literally curate any content into video to match any product in minutes.

I even show you how to build your video from the vendors demo using my personal 3 segment approach, so there really is very little work for you to do yourself…

As soon as your video hits YouTube VidioJack quickly gets to work in the background to ensure you land right in front of those rabid buyers at the point of purchase.

Are YOU Ready to Start Making Money from Other Peoples Products?

Don’t worry… it’s all above board and ethical – and if you apply our formula and fire up our software… then look out for your first commissions this time tomorrow.

PLUS: Check Out The Bonuses You'll Get FREE If You Buy Today...

Can YOU Spare 1 Hour to Make an Extra $792 Every Week?

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Grab Full Access to VidioJack Today... One Time Investment
Once the Timer Below Hits Zero, The Price Increases Significantly...

"Best Product I've Seen In 5 years"

Sounds awesome – but I bet it’s going to be expensive, right?

Sure, we could easily charge a realistic $197 for this and people would buy it all day long.

We all like simple uncomplicated ways of making money quickly & it doesn’t get much quicker and easier than VidioJack. Heck you get the complete solution

  • But we’re not going to charge $197
  • We’re not even going to charge $97

Instead, we’ve decided to make it super-easy and affordable for everyone to try our cutting edge software out.

So instead of $197

If you order right now… You’ll pay just $47

You can have your first project up and running inside an hour & making you passive income by this time tomorrow!

Pick The License Option Which Suites Your Needs Best..

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For 30 Glorious Days, you can try VIDIOJACK for free!

We’re seasoned in this trade long enough to know that not all software tools live up to yours or our expectations. Some tools simply don’t do what they say they will… Some don’t have the features they said they did… and some are just plain junk. You deserve results and we want to prove you can get them.

That’s why we’ll let you try out VidioJack for yourself 100% free for 30 days!! There’s No risk… we want you to get those results – we want you to see just how powerful VidioJack actually is for yourself

And if by any random, next to impossible chance you feel this solution is not worth your while…we’ll give you a refund! No questions asked! As simple as that!
It’s so simple! Love It or Leave It!

Faster, Better & Cheaper Than Anything Else On The Market

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